court-judgeThe Snowflake Justice Court is part of the Navajo County Court System and is managed by the county.  Presiding over the Court is the Honorable Fred Peterson. He is a lifetime resident of Snowflake and was elected in 1995.

The Snowflake Justice Court has limited jurisdiction over all civil traffic, criminal traffic, misdemeanors, liquor violations, Town Code violations and juvenile violations which occur within the Snowflake Town limits. The court also receives complaints from the Navajo County Animal Control Authority, Arizona Registrar of Contractors, as well as felony cases turned down by the Navajo County Attorney’s Office. The court has concurrent jurisdiction on orders of protection, injunctions against harassment, and search warrants.

Court matters cannot be addressed through Snowflake Town Hall or by contacting the Town through this website.  Please see the options available below that include phone, fax, and email.

The Justice Court is located at 145 S. Main St., Snowflake, AZ 85937; mail may be sent to this address.

 To reach the Snowflake Justice Court, call (928) 536-4141 or (928) 536-6648. The Fax number for the Justice Court is (928) 536-3511

To make a fine payment by debit or credit card you may either call (877) 717-4655 or go to  Fees are assessed for this service. You will need to provide your citation or case number, court date, and the amount of the fine.  If the officer did not provide you with a yellow Information Card with fine amounts and options to resolve your case, please contact the court using one of the options above.

If you need to make payment arrangements, call the collections department at (928) 524-4324

If your case has become delinquent and has been assigned to collection, you can pay at You must know your case number to use this service. If your are paying off a suspension, please contact the court to confirm your mailing address.