The Snowflake and Taylor Fire Departments were joined by an Intergovernmental Agreement in 2015.  Station 2 (the Snowflake location) is located at 325 West 4th Street South.  While firefighters are often working at the station, as a volunteer department, the station is not manned 24 hours per day.  Firefighters carry radios and respond when needed.  Our response area covers approximately 450 square miles.



Engine 511 & Crew on the “Wallow Fire”

Our original fire crew and engine from 1948.

Crew and E511


"Wallo Fire" 2011

“Wallow Fire” 2011

Fire Department Equipment


Station #2

The Snowflake Fire Department’s equipment consists of two Type 1 Engines, a Support/Utility vehicle, a Type 3 Urban Interface Engine, a 4000 gallon water tender, and the Towns original apparutus, a 1948 Chevy Fire Engine we now use as a “Parade” vehicle.  We also have two pickup trucks, one is used as the Chief’s command vehicle and the other is for the Captains use when on duty.  We also have a  used “FEMA” trailer that has been converted into a mobile “Command Post”.  We also have a Fire Safety House/Sprinkler Demonstration trailer that is used for educating the public with regards to various fire safety issues.  The Department is working on acquiring a rehabilitation vehicle.

2013 NavStar 7400 Type 3 Urban Interface

2013 NavStar 7400 Type 3 Urban Interface