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esequels-banner3 Use eSequels to quickly find out what book comes next in a series. (For patron barcode, type in the first 4 numbers of your library card only)


novelistplusNoveList Plus is a comprehensive readers’ advisory solution for fiction lovers. NoveList Plus will help you to answer the question of what to read next.





 Thanks to Navajo County Library the library now offers access to over 18,000 comic books and graphic novels online to library card holders.comicsplus

eBookIcon_Cloud to eReader(3)We now subscribe to Cloud Library through the Navajo County Library District. You will need a library card to access the
e-books and you will need to download the 3M app for your device. To get the app for your device click here.


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Freading has thousands of titles to download to your eReader. Freading™ has its own apps for the iPad® and iPhone®, and its own apps for Android™ tablets and phones. It is also compatible with the Kindle Fire, the Nook devices, and Kobo devices.
Patrons have 3 tokens per week to use to download a book. Most books require just one token but bestsellers require four tokens to download. Thus, you can have access every other week to a bestseller. Some mid-range titles require two tokens.Unused tokens roll over each week for a four week period, a week being defined as a Monday to Sunday period of seven days, beginning at 12:01AM Monday, Eastern time, and going to midnight on Sunday. At the end of the fourth week from the time you first logged in, unused tokens are cleaned out of your account, except for your original weekly allotment. The rolling over process then starts all over again, as a new four week cycle has begun.Click here or on the Freading Logo above to go to the Freading website to register with your patron library card, which you must have to use this service. Have fun and happy eReading!

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Track your library books. Let Elf help you manage your library loans and holds. Avoid overdues with email alerts. Check multiple library cards. Track books, DVDs, CDs, videos, etc. Join for free. Please click here to create your account.

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