Connection Fees

Size Connection Fee
4″ $2,300
Larger than 4″ Actual cost ; contact Public Works Superintendent Terry Cooper

Service Fees

Item Amount
Basic Service-Residential $38.39
Basic Service-Commercial $38.39
Basic Service-Golf Course $19.15 (First Phase lots)
Basic Service-Public $49.30
Basic Service-Hotel $8.42 Unit
Basic Service-Campground/RV $8.42 Unit
Deposit $45.00

For line extensions, the Town will pay the cost of
the first 100 feet and the customer or developer will pay, if they
choose, a price per foot established by the Public Works Director.

Town of Snowflake
Department of Public Works
Sewer Department Supervisor

81 West 1st South
Snowflake, Arizona 85937
(928) 536-7103, ext. 255
(928) 536-2539 FAX