golf-mapThe Snowflake Municipal Golf Course is a unique asset to the community, as it is owned and operated by the Town of Snowflake. Developed as a recreational opportunity for the residents of Snowflake, town management developed the course on land donated by developers, and provides a scenic backdrop to many of the homes in the area, as well as a quiet foreground to the new Snowflake Temple that overlooks the course.

The course averages 29,000 rounds per year, with the majority of those rounds (especially in the months from October to April–approximately 80%) used by “locals.” However, with the growing popularity of the Snowflake Municipal Golf Course, the majority of rounds the remainder of the year are used by visitors, who enjoy the economical rates, well manicured greens, and Snowflake’s cool summer days.

Snowflake Municipal Golf Course
90 N. Country Club Drive
Snowflake, Arizona 85937
(928) 536-7233
(800) 600-9033 Reservations
Fax (928) 536-5499