The Snowflake/Taylor Basketball program ended with 66 teams and approximately 300 games being played during the season.  There were 7 teams in the Men’s City League, 19 teams in the Church Division, 4 teams in the Jr. High League and 36 teams in the Little League program.

The total number of youth involved in the city youth league programs was approximately 350, along with some 40 coach and their assistants.  The ability of the Snowflake/Taylor Recreation and Parks Department to conduct this program relies on the many volunteers that help out each year.  A special thanks goes out to Nathan Christensen, Joe Clare, Jared Farnsworth, Hunter Moore, Jason Whiting, Kim and Matt Scott, Tyler Shelley, David Hunt, Lamando Bahe, Cresha Peck, Tobie Rapier, Travis Caskey, Mona Fuentes, Jim Johnston, John Davis, Megan Powers, Curtis and Susan Berger, Justin Flake, Sara Ramsay, Robert Johnston, John Vigil, Rob and Kelly Hatch, Teresa Flake, Terry Stratton, Annie Oakes, Chris Heren, Tiffany Villalba, Ryan Stewart, Jason Willis, Cameron Skelly, Ryan Hall, Jason Lyman, Justin Ford, Kayde Wilkins, Trevor Hatch, Joe Bjornn, Patrick Austin and all of their assistants.

Tournament Champions 2014  


 Basketball 2014 city men champs           Men’s City League – Mountain Top Medical

Team members: Trevor Reddick, Russel Peterson, Chase Walden, Reece  Perry, Justin Woodside, Joe Claire, Patrick Austin, Joey Cosper and Joe Denhalter. (see picture)




 Basketball 2014 church men champs         Men’s Church League – Snowflake 7th Branch

Team Members: Chase Walden, Trevor Reddick, Dillion Graf, Derrick Flake, John Ballard and Ammon Brewer. (see picture)




Basketball 2014 church young men champs           Young Men’s Church League – Snowflake 10th Ward

Team Members:  Adrian Begay, Hunter Bauner, Lehi Caldwell, Ruban Caldwell, Parker Nunley, Treagon Harris, Anthony Shaw and Andrew Brimhall. (see picture)




Basketball 2014 city jr champs          Jr High Boys League: – Team Austin

Team Members: Victor Tamayo, Tyler Brimhall, Tanner Austin, Davis Kay, Jace Gardner, Bradon Weech, Jason Weech, Sam Ruenie, Bret Perkins and Cooper Hancock. (see picture)