There were 26 teams that participate in the Snowflake/Taylor 2014 Volleyball leagues, 17 women’s and 9 coed. Together they played 163 games this season.

Tournament results were as follows-

Women’s “A” League Champions:  Scrubs

Volleyball 2014 wa

Team members:  Karen Hargrove, Cris Lyman, Misty Ramage, Melissa Ballard, Rachel King, Tandis Yellowhair and Donna Hipps. (see picture)


Women’s “B” League Champions:  SEI

Volleyball 2014 wb

Team members:  Talia Clare, Jackie Brewer, Autum Martin, Paula Johnson, Katie Johnson, and Rachelle Lewis. (see picture)


Women’s “C” League Champions:  Betties

Volleyball 2014 wc

Team members: Whitney Wilken, Colbi Adams, Trina Stock, Kayla Stock, Paige Stock, Bryanne McNeil and Charlie Brown. (see picture)


Coed League Champions :  Lundberg’s Wild and Crazy Volleyballers

Volleyball 2014 coedb

Team members:  Natalie Lundberg, Gus Lundberg, Becky Wilson, Mark Wilson, Tabecca Schneider, Tashawna Jones, Jason Lyman and Chris Lyman. (see picture)