The Pool is now closed indefinitely for major repairs.

The pool is located on the south east corner of 1st South and 3rd West.  To contact the swimming pool during regular hours, call 928-536-7103 ext. 228. (unavailable due to closure)

Swimming Pool Summer Schedule

Adult Lap Swimming M-F 5-7 AM 16 years & older $2
Adult Lap Swimming M-F 5-6 PM 16 years & older $2
Lessons M-F 8 AM-12 PM (see swim lessons) $20/$35
Boy Scout M-F 7-8 AM Scouts (S/L Badge) $35
Public Swimming M-F 12-2 PM, 3-5 PM, 6-8 PM $2
Public Swimming Sat 12-4 PM $2

Pool Rental:  $40 per hour for one guard – $50 per hour for two guards
(one guard for every 25 swimmers required)
Free Swim:  Memorial Day 12-4 PM,  Taylor 4th of July Celebration 12-4 PM,
Snowflake Pioneer Days 12-4 PM

Below is information on Swim Lessons for the Snowflake Pool.

Sign-ups are taken at the pool as spaces are available during regular operating hours and during specified sign-up dates and times.  The price for Mom/Dad/Tot lessons and Pre-School lessons are $20 per child per lesson session.  The price for Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced swim lessons are $35 per child per lesson session.

Mom/Dad/Tot (parent in the pool) M-F 11-11:30 AM 0-3 years $20
Pre-School M-F 10-10:30 AM 3-5 years $20
Pre-School M-F 10:30-11 AM 3-5 years $20
Pre-School M-F 11-11:30 AM 3-5 years $20
Beg/Int/Adv  (1 hour classes) M-F 8-11 AM 6 years & older $35