The Economic Development Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss ways to increase the economic health of the community. The members are comprised of appointees from the Snowflake Town Council and community business members.  Along with the Town Manager the committee members work to maintain a strong and healthy economy by supporting and expanding existing businesses, encouraging new businesses that will provide quality jobs to support citizens who desire to stay and/or those who desire to move into our community, and diversifying our existing economic base to provide greater stability even in the presence of economic “down-turns”.  Current members of the EDC include: Kerry Ballard (Councilman), Tom Poscharsky(Councilman), Jason Whiting(Council Vice-Mayor), Kirk Brimhall of Brimhall Sand and Rock, Steve Quinn of APS, and Lance Chugg of the NPC Foundation.  The Snowflake EDC has partnered with the Taylor EDC on several occasions to discuss meeting the needs of the entire community, they have also created a Linkedin page.

By law, a printed copy of the agenda is posted for each meeting, 24 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting at the Town Hall and Town Website; a copy may also be obtained at the meeting.

EDC Meeting Agendas

EDC Agenda for 11-14-2013
EDC Agenda for 08-08-2013
EDC Agenda for 04-11-2013
EDC Agenda for 02-07-2013
EDC Agenda for 01-10-2013
EDC Agenda for 11-08-2012