The Town of Snowflake is governed by a council of 6 members and a Mayor, with staggered elections held every 2 years (3 members elected the first two years, the Mayor and 3 members elected the next two years). Each councilperson serves a 4-year term, and there are no term limits.

The Mayor is directly elected in an election held every 4 years, and serves as the moderator and presiding officer at Council Meetings.

Snowflake has a rich heritage of active citizen participation in the government of the Town, and encourages residents to consider serving in an elected capacity. To see the Election Financial Statement for Town of Snowflake click here, for other information please contact the Town Clerk at (928) 536-7103, ext. 222.

Follow this link to Navajo County for Election Results

2016 Candidates

These candidates have all filed their $500 Threshold Exemption Statement, which can be viewed here.

Candidates for Mayor: Michael “Lynn” Johnson
Hunter Lewis
Tom Poscharsky



Candidates for Council: Kerry L. Ballard 
Stuart Hensley 
Byron Lewis 
Leanne A. Morris
Allison Perkins 
Write-In Candidates: None

Polling Places

For all elections (Local, State, and National) registered voters may cast their ballot at the LDS Social Hall, located at 78 West Center Street.

The Primary Election will be held August 30, 2016 with early voting beginning on August 3, 2016 (registration deadline is August 1, 2016).
The General Election will be held November 8, 2016 with early voting beginning on October 12, 2016 (registration deadline is October 10, 2016).


Visit “Arizona Votes” for great information on candidates, polling places, and more!