The Town of Snowflake is governed by a council of 6 members and a Mayor, with staggered elections held every 2 years (3 members elected the first two years, the Mayor and 3 members elected the next two years). Each councilperson serves a 4-year term, and there are no term limits.

The Mayor is directly elected in an election held every 4 years, and serves as the moderator and presiding officer at Council Meetings.

Snowflake has a rich heritage of active citizen participation in the government of the Town, and encourages residents to consider serving in an elected capacity. For information, please contact the Town Clerk at (928) 536-7103, ext. 222.

Polling Places

For all elections (Local, State, and National) registered voters may cast their ballot at the LDS Social Hall, located at 78 West Center Street.

The Snowflake Primary Election was held November 4, 2014

For Unofficial Results of all Navajo County Elections, including Snowflake, please follow this link

Mayor: Councilmember Tom Poscharsky was appointed to fill the position of Mayor by the Council and will remain in that position for 2 years, until the next regular election.

Candidates elected for Council Member:  Cory Johnson and Terril Kay were elected to the council during the Primary Election, making a General Election unnecessary.  They were seated on the Council on November 18th.

Cory Johnson 001CORY JOHNSON
“Born and raised in Snowflake, I have developed a love for this community and the people who live in it.  I graduated with a degree in civil engineering from ASU.  Afterwards, my wife Rikki and I moved back to Snowflake to help run my family’s ranching operation.

 Snowflake has a motivated, hard-working workforce.  It is also filled with potential resources that a new business may need such as sun, wind, water, natural gas, and railways.  As a council member I hope to develop town codes and processes that would entice businesses to relocate here.  Laying the infrastructure for future growth is a priority.  I feel that we need to become a more development friendly town. 

 I believe that one of my biggest attributes is an open mind.  I understand that decisions should be made by the community and not by any one individual.  If elected, I hope to serve this community and maintain the great culture in it, while still pursuing future growth.” 

“I feel I can lead Snowflake by using good leadership and common sense.   Working with others, studying the issue, asking the right questions, talking with those who have knowledge and experience will give us the results we need to strengthen Snowflake.

 I feel qualified to serve the people of Snowflake as an elected councilman. I currently run three Corporations and have learned to make tough and proper decisions for them to grow and be profitable. I would use this same ability for the Town of Snowflake—looking for opportunities of growth, good paying jobs, and a better tomorrow. I believe to do this we need to have a vision and a plan. My plans would be to maintain roads/ budgeting for our aging infrastructure / Strong fire and ambulance services/ Community service/Economic growth.

 I have had the opportunities to serve on three different committees—Historical committee/ Fire and Ambulance committee/ Economic Development committee. I was able to serve with committed, talented people with the same desire for a better Snowflake.  We met regularly and were able to debate, discuss, and share ideas to keep our town moving forward and to report to council with our findings.  I ask for your vote.”