Mayor Tom Poscharsky     928-243-7233

Mayor Poscharsky was appointed to fill the position of Mayor in November of 2014 when the sole candidate for Mayor had to withdraw from the election due to a conflict.  He will serve as Mayor for 2 years, until the next regular election.He was originally appointed to fill a vacancy in 2010 and was then elected in 2013 to the Council for a 4 year term.

Vice Mayor Kerry Ballard     928-521-4682

Vice Mayor Kerry Ballard  was elected in 2013 for a 4 year term after previously serving on the Council and various committees for many years.  He is currently serving on the Economic Development Committee as well.

Council Member Stuart Hensley     928-587-0082

Council Member Stuart Hensley was elected in 2013 for a 4 year term.  He is serving as a liaison with the Snowflake Academy Foundation.

Council Member Lynn Johnson     928-536-4746

Council Member Lynn Johnson was elected in 2013 and will serve for a 4 year term.  He also served on the Town Council previously.

Council Member Terril Kay     928-229-0022

Council Member Terril Kay was elected in 2014 and will serve for a 4 year term.  His previous experience includes serving on the Fire Review Committee and he is currently serving on the Economic Development Committee.

Council Member Cory Johnson     480-540-8405

Council Member Cory Johnson was elected in 2014 and will serve for a 4 year term.  He previously served on the SUSD School Board, and continues to serve on the School Board concurrently with his Council service.

Council Member Byron Lewis     928-814-2709

Council Member Byron Lewis was appointed in 2015 and will serve for a 2 year term until the next regular election.

Residents are encouraged to share their viewpoints regarding policy matters with members of the Council, who can be contacted through Town Hall or by using the contact information provided.