Since the Town was incorporated in 1948, Barbara Flake is only the fifth Clerk, which reflects the long-term commitment from Town Staff in providing quality service to its residents.




Town of Snowflake Primary Election

November 4, 2014

Last day to register to vote is Monday October 6, 2014

Voter registration forms are available at:

Post Office / City Hall / Navajo County Recorder’s Office

Online Registration at

Early Voting begins October 9, 2014

How to request an Early Ballot?

Call Navajo County Recorder’s 1-800-668-3867,  (928) 524-4192


Last day to request a ballot be mailed to you October 24, 2014

Last day to vote early (in person) October 31, 2014


Polling Place Locations:

East Snowflake (43):                                  Snowflake Social Hall – 78 West Center St.

West Snowflake (44):                                 Snowflake Social Hall – 78 West Center St.


This election is consolidated with the federal, state and county’s fall election cycle and will be a traditional polling place (walk-in) election. Registered voters who are designated a recognized political party (Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Americans Elect) will receive their party’s primary election ballot. The city’s portion will be shown at the end of all party ballots. Arizona is an Open Primary state, which means those voters, who have registered as Independent or have not designated a party, may call the county by August 15, 2014 and request a ballot for any one of the four recognized political parties or request a city only ballot.


If you have any questions, please contact:


Laurette Justman

Navajo County Recorder

PO Box 668

1-800-668-3867-Voter Registration



For a list of candidates, please visit our Elections Page.