soccer ballRegistration Form 2016

Registration forms for the 2016 season will be available from July 5th thru July 29th at Snowflake Town Hall, Monday-Thursday from 8AM-4:30PM and Friday from 8AM-11:30AM, with a Saturday Registration on July 30th from 9AM-Noon in the Recreation Office. Late registration will be available for an additional $5 fee.  Tentative Opening Day is August 27th, coaches are needed and will be handing out shirts, socks and schedules prior to the first game.  If you haven’t heard from your coach leading up to the first game, call 928-536-7103 ext. 0 or ext. 225 to find out who it is.


For more information on Sports Programs, visit the Sports Programs page.

4 Responses to “2016 Youth Soccer Registration”

  1. How much per player? What age range? How long is the season?

    • kmelser says:

      $20 per participant
      Age groups:
      5-6 Boys and Girls
      7-8 Boys and Girls
      9-10 Boys – 9-10 Girls
      11-14 Boys – 11-14 Girls
      (Girls and boys may be combined together if there is not enough for two separate leagues in the
      9-10 and 11-14 leagues)
      School team players are not eligible
      All of this information is also available on the registration form if you want to print it out.
      The season generally runs through October, more or less.

  2. where do I sign my child up?

    • kmelser says:

      You can sign your child up at Snowflake Town Hall during office hours; Monday-Thursday 8AM-5PM and Friday 8AM-Noon.