What are the meeting nights for the volunteer FD?
Every Thursday at 6:00PM at the fire station which is located at 325 W. 4th Street South.

How can I attend a CPR class?
Offered periodically, residents, clubs, and businesses can contact the Fire Department and they will coordinate and provide an instructor for the class.

Does the Town Recharge Fire Extinguishers?
No, but the Department can recommend a private firm.

What is the Department’s ISO Rating?
Class 6.

Does the Department have a fire pole?
Yes, but currently our “upstairs” is unfinished so there is very limited use of the area or fire pole.

How do I become a volunteer fire fighter?
Attend any meeting (see above.) The Department will provide all the training (over 100 hours are required). Please stop by the Fire Department to pickup a copy of the volunteer application form.

Do you get cats out of trees?
Not normally—the Department, consisting of all volunteers and we do not have a ladder truck.

Do I need a burn permit?
Yes, to acquire one, contact Snowflake Police Department or click here to download a copy. There is no fee for the permit, and its use is good for a year. Please bring your completed form to the Police Department at 602 S. Main in Snowflake.