Do you need volunteers?
Yes! We rely on volunteer readers, assistants, shelvers, program help, and the summer reading program, just to mention a few. Please contact us at (928) 536-7103, ext. 245 for more information on how your talents can help your public library!

Do you have a children’s reading program?
Yes, the program is offered on Wednesdays, from 10:30-11:00 (preschool). The class varies in size, and no sign-up is required.

Can I return books after hours?
An outdoor bookdrop is checked every morning and evening.

Can I renew over the phone?
Sorry, we cannot accept phone renewals. You may renew online or in person one time for regular material.

What are the overdue fees?
$0.10/day on regular material, $0.25/day on videos, audios, new, and high-demand materials.

What is considered high demand?
New material, popular material and school requirements and interest programming.

Can I get books from other libraries?
Yes, through the inter-library loan program. The program works in conjunction with other libraries throughout the county, as well as the nation. County books arrive in a week, sources outside of the county can take up to two weeks. There is no additional charge for materials checked out through the inter-library loan program.

How long can I keep my material?
Regular 3 weeks, videos 1 week, audio 2 weeks, high-demand or new 2 weeks.

How often does new material come in?
Your Library is constantly assessing demand and purchasing new material.

Can I request a specific title be added to the library?
Based on the libraries collection development policy and available funds, the librarian will take into consideration all requests.