Do you have Wi-Fi?
Yes! Our wi-fi is open and free. It is even accessible 24/7 in our parking lot.

Do you need volunteers?
Yes! We rely on volunteer readers, assistants, shelvers, program help, and the summer reading program, just to mention a few. Please contact us at (928) 536-7103, ext. 245 for more information on how your talents can help your public library!

Do you have a children’s reading program?
Yes, the program is offered on Wednesdays, from 10:00-11:00 (preschool). The class varies in size, and no sign-up is required.

Can I return books after hours?
An outdoor book drop is checked every morning and evening.

Can I renew over the phone?
Yes, we are happy to help! You also may renew online or in person. New materials cannot be renewed.

What are the overdue fees?
We do not charge overdue fees, but we do ask for your consideration in returning materials as promptly as possible. Items that are 55 days overdue will accrue a county referral fee of $12.

Can I get books from other libraries?
Yes, through the inter-library loan program. The program works in conjunction with other libraries throughout the county, as well as the nation. County books arrive in a week, sources outside of the county can take up to four weeks. There is no additional charge for materials checked out through the inter-library loan program.

How long can I keep my material?
Regular materials 3 weeks, videos 1 week, audio 2 weeks, new 2 weeks.

How often does new material come in?
Your Library is constantly assessing demand and purchasing new material.

Can I request a specific title be added to the library?
Based on the libraries collection development policy and available funds, the librarian will take into consideration all requests.