How many times can I split my land before I need a subdivision plan?
Before you split your land at all, you should contact Dale Call at the Town of Snowflake Planning and Building Department for important information and to assist you in the process. (See Town Code, Title 11: Subdivision Regulations)

Do I need Town approval to split or divide my property?
Yes, before you can split your property, contact the Planning and Zoning Department to obtain a zoning clearance.  (See town code Title 10-1-1: C)

How often are Planning Meetings held?
Planning Meetings are usually held just prior to Council Meetings, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.

How do I know if my property lies within the Town limits, or in Navajo County?
Please contact Dale Call, who will assist you in establishing if your property is in Town limits.

How do I get on the agenda for a Planning Meeting?
Please contact Snowflake Town Hall at least one week in advance. As a public meeting, the agenda must be posted by law several days before the meeting is held.

Where are the Planning Meetings held?
Planning Meetings are held at Town Hall, 81 West 1st South, usually in Council Chambers.