The Town of Snowflake Streets Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all Town-owned roads, drainage and in conjunction with the Snowflake-Taylor Police Department, street signage.

STAFF:  The Town of Snowflake has 3 employees for all street related maintenance and repairs.

Info for VisitorsResidents wishing to set a priority for blading roads to their property are encouraged to contact the Public Works Director, who will schedule a time for the road improvement. The Town has a full-time grader operator, and a schedule for blading unpaved roads will be posted in the future. Please note, that due to the rapid growth of the Town, some roads, which may have been deeded to the Town, have yet to be accepted, and therefore are not included in the Town’s road maintenance program.

Reporting Building, Light, Sign or Road Problems

Residents are encouraged to contact Public Works, who will assign a crew to remedy the problem as soon as possible. Depending upon workload and the severity of the problem, Public Works usually has a crew on the problem within the next working day. For outages of streetlights, please contact Public works with the address and street light number (posted on the pole), and this information will be forwarded to Arizona Public Service (APS). APS services the town-owned lights under contract.

Town of Snowflake
Department of Public Works

81 West 1st South
Snowflake, Arizona 85937
(928) 536-7103, ext. 255
(928) 536-2539 FAX