Form- Water service agreement (Sample)

 Connection Fees

Meter Size Connection Fee
3/4-inch $850
1-inch $1,200
1 1/2-inch Actual Cost
2-inch Actual Cost
4-inch Actual Cost
6-inch Actual Cost

Service Fees

Item Amount
Basic Service-Residential $26.43 incl. 2000 gals
Basic Service-Commercial $26.43 No usage incl.
Basic Service-Public $26.43 No usage incl.
Basic Service-RV Park/Campground $26.43 No usage incl.
Basic Service-Hotel $26.43 No usage incl.
Usage per 1000 gals. $1.74
Late Fee $10.00
Construction Water per 1000 gallons $5.00
Reconnect $45.00
Turn On $35.00
Re-read (not our fault) $10.00
Meter Testing $10.00
Broken Valve $80.00
Returned Check $20.00
Deposit $30.00
Termination of Service (link to required form) No Charge

For sewer fees, please follow this link to the Sewer Fees page.

Town of Snowflake
Department of Public Works
Water Department Supervisor

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Snowflake, Arizona 85937
(928) 536-7103, ext. 256
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