Where do I report a leak in the water system?
Please call the Town of Snowflake, (928) 536-7103, ext. 0. After hours, please call the police department, which can access an on-call public works employee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

How do I get connected to the Town’s water system?
Please contact Town Hall, at (928) 536-7103, ext. 256.

Where does the water come from?
The town maintains groundwater wells and storage tanks with a combined capacity of over 1.5 million gallons. The water comes from the Coconino aquifer, approximately 300 feet below the surface. This depth below the surface provides a natural filtration system that makes the aquifer one of the best quality reserves in the State.

How is water treated?
Based upon State law, the Town chlorinates the water supply to state standards.

Why are there contaminants?
Every public water system contains a limited number of contaminants. However, the level of these contaminants must be kept below the minimum safe level as determined by stringent Federal and State standards. The Town of Snowflake regularly monitors the quality of the water for appearance, smell, and taste, and works closely with the State of Arizona to test for chemical impurities.