There were 26 teams that participate in the Snowflake/Taylor 2015 Volleyball leagues,
16 women’s and 10 coed. Together they played some 182 games this season.

Tournament results were as follows-

Women’s “A” League Champions:  Team Hipps
women A champs 2015

Team members:  Rachelle King, Misty Ramage, Makayla Ramage, Donna Hipps, Erin Willis and Karen Hargrove.



Women’s “B” League Champions:  Fusion Medical

women b champs 2015

Team members:  Talia Clare, Paula Johnson, Katie Johnson, Charece Overly, Vicki Foote, Chandler Johnson and Tiffany Willis.



Women’s “C” League Champions:  Hancock-Leavitt Ins.

women c champs 2015

Team members: Ashley Smith, Amber Reidhead, Lacy Hunt, Lauren Hancock, Valerie Reynolds and Annette Reidhead.



Coed  League Champions :  Team Rally

coed champs 2015

Team members: Ren Bryant, Sherrida Bryant, Devrie Woodside, Cody Carlson, Jaimie London, Ashley and Garrett Frazier. (see picture)