Snowflake logo 2015Please be advised that the Town of Snowflake Water Department is currently undergoing a water leak detection service.  The contractors conducting the services will be using electronic devices affixed to our water assets (meters, hydrants, valves, etc.) to detect, identify and locate water leakage throughout the entire water system.  The process is primarily done through sound.  A leak in a pipe creates a sound and vibration different from the regular flow of water through a pipe.  The crews can then pinpoint the leak’s location so that Town crews can make necessary repairs.  The service will help the Town in whole with an end result of helping the department operate more efficiently, reducing water loss and energy consumption.  If all goes well, the survey of the entire 60+ miles of water main line will be completed by August 26th.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call 536 – 7103 ext 255.

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