The Shared Services Committee shall provide oversight to the Departments and advise both Towns (Snowflake/Taylor) on the overall activities of the Departments (Police/Fire/EMS/Library/Recreation).

This committee takes the place of the previous Police Administrative Committee and the Fire Review Committee.

The Committee shall consist of the following members:
A. The Mayors of both Towns;
B. The Vice-Mayors of both Towns;
C. Council Member At-Large (As appointed by the respective Town Council);
D. The Managers of both Towns;
E. In the event that either of the Mayors or Vice-Mayors cannot serve on the Committee, then the Town Council, for the respective Town Mayor or Vice-Mayor shall appoint another Council member to serve in this capacity.

Duties of the Shared Services Committee:

The Shared Services Committee shall have the following responsibilities, duties and powers:
A. To review any and all concerns regarding the Departments brought to the attention of the Shared Services Committee from either Council of the respective Towns;
B. To review, any and all grant opportunities for the Departments as identified by either Town;
C. To review annually the budget and any significant changes to the Departments.

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